The Pathway to Elite Technical Talent
(Regulatory, Quality, Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing)
If you are an Executive, Hiring Manager, HR, or Talent Acquisition Pro in a Med Device, Med Tech, or Digital Health company who is ready to eliminate mis-hires, build a team of Elite Technical Talent, and crush expectations....
I've got the step-by-step guide for you. Just click below for your [Free Guide]
Here's The Cold, Hard Truth: There's a 50% Chance Your Next Technical Hire Will Be A MIS-HIRE In the Next 12-18 months

In this Guide,
I'll Show You Exactly How To:
  •  Ignite Your Leadership Career By Consistently Hiring Top-Performing Technical Talent (RA/QA, Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing)
  •  How to Access the 'Hidden' Talent Market That 95% of Companies Completely Miss 
  •  Design An Employer Value Proposition That Top-Talent Can't Resist and Your Competition Can't Compete With
  •  Deploy A Bullet-Proof 4-Part Interview Process That Almost Completely De-Risks Your Hiring Decisions
  •  Entirely Re-Vamp Your 'Cultural Fit' Assessment By Hiring For a More Predictable Indicator Of Success: Elite DNA
  •  Implement The Test Drive And The Backdoor Reference, Two-Techniques that Virtually No-One in the Med-Device space is Using But All But Guarantees Your Hiring Success 
Discover The Pathway: Your Free Guide to Catalyze Your Career (&Company) By Consistently Hiring the Top 15% of Technical Talent Away From Your Competition
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